We recognize that the decision to place your trust in us is not one to be taken lightly. We strive to provide each and every client with a personalized plan based on his or her individual goals, expectations, risk tolerance and experience.

We push for our client’s optimal resolution, working with the client from the pre-litigation phase through filing, discovery, trial, and appeal, if necessary. We keep our client’s best interests at the forefront: there may be a time when the best business decision suggests mediation or settlement. As advocates and mediators, we have the unique ability to counsel a client on the practicalities of alternative dispute resolution when the expense of trial, protracted litigation, or other variables suggest an alternative route.

With the time savings and cost effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution, more and more clients are considering alternatives to the courtroom when faced with the inevitability of trial. We recognize the practical benefits of these alternatives. Over the years, we have advised many clients who have achieved excellent short and long term results through their effective use of mediation and arbitration.

We represent clients in court-ordered mediation, formal but voluntary mediation, and informal mediation. We have also successfully participated in American Arbitration Association (AAA) procedures and non-AAA arbitration proceedings. Thus, we can assist you in the resolution of a dispute in a non-traditional manner, as well as counsel you on the advisability of using alternative dispute resolution in your particular circumstance. Please feel free to contact The Golm Law Firm for further information.