Real Estate Solutions

Buying and selling property can be as stressful as it is exciting, even if all goes smoothly. Many clients ask: How does this process work? Do I need a realtor to sell my house? How do I know which paperwork I need and where can I find it? Once I find the paperwork and fill it out, what then? What is title insurance and why do I need it? How much is this all going to cost?

At Golm Law Firm, a single call to us can answer all of your questions and more, free of charge.

We provide complete title services, including:

  • Title Searches
  • Title Commitments
  • Owners & Encumbrances Report
  • Owners Title Insurance Policies
  • Lenders Title Insurance Policies
  • Closing Services
  • Mail-Away and Remote Closings
  • Courtesy Closings
  • Contract Preparation and/or Review
  • Notary and Witness Services

Especially if you are buying or selling without the aid of a real estate broker, be sure to contact us today.